Retail Website Concept


UI/UX Design, Concept Design, Visual Design


Fear of God



Conceptualizing a luxury brand website

Bringing contemporary product design to a simple ecommerce experience.

My Role in this transformation

  • Conceptualize the design
  • Think of how to use video to enhance an experience
  • Design the ecommerce experience

Transfering graphic design to web design

Graphic design seamlessly transitions into web design through the integration of fundamental design principles and visual aesthetics tailored to the digital landscape. In this evolution, graphic designers leverage their expertise in layout, typography, color theory, and visual hierarchy to craft engaging and user-centric web experiences. Through the utilization of design software and coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, graphic designers translate their creative vision into interactive interfaces, ensuring cohesive branding, intuitive navigation, and compelling content presentation. By harnessing their skills in both static and dynamic mediums, graphic designers play a pivotal role in shaping the digital presence of brands and businesses, seamlessly bridging the gap between print and online platforms to deliver impactful and immersive user experiences.

The start to my design

My design approach prioritizes enhancement over constant innovation, recognizing that innovation isn't always necessary. When conceptualizing the Fear of God fifth collection website, I drew inspiration from the original website's style, aiming to maintain the brand ethos while infusing a fresh perspective. Rather than creating an entirely new website, I sought to preserve the brand's essence while imbuing it with a renewed ambiance. Given the luxury nature of the clothing brand, I emphasized the prominence of full-size images to effectively showcase the products. In today's ecommerce landscape, I believe it's crucial for brands to recognize that customers' purchasing decisions are influenced not only by product pages but by each step of their journey and the narrative it conveys.

The following concepts exemplify my vision for leveraging visual design to enhance the website's impact. My aim was to cultivate a modern yet luxurious retail experience, seamlessly blending bold font styles with imagery to evoke the aesthetic of graphic design posters and advertisements. Through this approach, the website achieves a clean and elegant style, elevating the overall user experience while maintaining a cohesive brand identity.


Transitioning from graphic design to web design has been an enlightening journey, revealing the considerable overlap in skills and techniques between the two disciplines. Each design step undertaken has underscored the importance of understanding how design can address the unique needs of businesses, furthering my growth as a web and UI designer. Additionally, this transition has highlighted the necessity of recognizing the distinct behavioral dynamics of users interacting with websites or mobile devices compared to traditional graphic design mediums like posters or print materials. This realization has propelled me to approach web and UI design with a nuanced understanding of user engagement and interaction, ensuring that every aspect of the design caters to the specific demands of digital platforms.

Through this study, I've gained invaluable insights into the intricate relationship between design and user behavior, emphasizing the need for adaptability and foresight in crafting compelling digital experiences. By embracing this holistic perspective, I am better equipped to create intuitive and user-centric designs that resonate with audiences and drive meaningful results for businesses in the digital realm.