About me

Nicholas is a NYC-based Designer, delivering for luxury, lifestyle, and tech brands in the digital space.

His professional background encompasses the development of e-commerce and marketing platforms for diverse brands, as well as expertise in creating AI-driven chatbot experiences. Throughout Nicholas's career, he has undertaken key responsibilities in conceiving and delivering numerous client-based and pitch projects, overseeing the entire process from conceptualization to production. This includes executing full site redesigns and catering to a wide range of creative requirements such as campaigns, social media, chatbot implementation, web development, and mobile applications.

Nicholas's philosophy revolves around integrating captivating content, exceptional design, seamless user experiences, and cutting-edge technology platforms to deliver highly engaging and immersive brand experiences. Furthermore, he possesses a comprehensive understanding of various programming languages, enabling effective communication with developers and facilitating the creation of visually stunning outputs.


Senior Product Designer @Verizon

Optimized the Verizon Chatbot experience for for their One-Bot initiative yielding a remarkable enhancement in customer satisfaction, with scores soaring from 23% to well above60% specifically in the domain of bill payments.

Engaged in a collaborative effort with developers to meticulously map out customer intentsand corresponding bot responses, thereby optimizing the AI capabilities of the chatbot toadapt and generate diverse responses in response to customer inputs.


Senior Interactive Retail Designer @Apple

Executed a comprehensive redesign of the digital retail experience to coincide with thelaunches of the iPhone 13 Pro and Apple Watch SE, ensuring a seamless and engagingcustomer journey.

Conceptualized end-to-end the “Digital Mat,” designed to empower customers to makemore informed decisions. This initiative garnered substantial positive feedback, with 35% ofcustomers attributing their successful selections to the enhanced user experience it provided.


Senior Visual Designer @Accenture

Developed conceptual and visual product UI elements, optimizing them for a moredynamic customer experience that aligned with the new purpose-driven design systems.

Conceived web-based advertisements for the Department of Education to promotehigh-level campaigns.


Senior User Interface Designer @Marriott

Implemented strategic optimizations to the user experience of the Bonvoy mobile application,resulting in a substantial increase in user retention from 32% to over 45%

Successfully lead the integration of the new mobile key feature eliciting positive feedbackfrom a significant number of customers who found it highly valuable.









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