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While working at Marriott International, we were assigned to update the Bonvoy application to better suite customers needs as well as retain customers on the app for the full Marriott experience. Our top priority was to begin the gradual transition to a fully mobile customer experience both in and out of the hotel. We had to think about what changes needed to be made in order to show our customers that we are serious with moving into a fully mobile experience. This allowed us as a team to determine that the businesses goals were a mobile future and the customers needed a more seamless experience from booking to checking out.

What we've done

1. Update application to executive specs

2. Research customers needs and see what aligns with business goals

3. Hotel mobile experience enhancements

4. Mobile Key design and flow

5. Product Design exploration

We've got work to do

My role in this project was to update screens throughout the users flow, which to be honest was the smaller work that needed to be done. My main project was to create the mobile key experience so that the customer can still feel like they are having a seamless experience throughout their stay. My research started in a room full of doors knobs and locks. this was because I realized that every lock used throughout every branch of Marriott used a different lock system. Some were bluetooth or wifi and others used NFC technology. My goall was to make sure no matter what door they were using that we would give them a unified experience. This is where I had to think about different callouts throughout the user flow as well as the actual usage of the mobile key.

Level asked as to help

— Explorer a refined experience for customers

— Integrate the mobile key into the user flow

— Match their bold vision to the look and experience of the product

— Provide a visual framework that will help the product team iterate faster

While working on Marriotts first step into a fully mobile customer experience, I learned that there are many limitations when working with a limited budget as well as a frame to work within. Through our first updates into a mobile future for Marriott, we were able to bring onboard 10% more use of the Bonvoy application. The mobile key became an essential part for the user flow, allowing the customer to relay on the application for their full experience.I brought multiple callouts as well as a card like experience to the customers mobile key. This close relation to a key made it less intimidating for customers to use the key. I resolved the issue of the doors by creating a universal direction to stand by the door for 3 seconds, which was long enough for wifi and bluetooth to communicate with the app. NFC wasn't an issue because it was instant, however I still had the user stand by the door for 3 seconds to keep the experience unified throughout. With this in mind we put together the framework to move into Marriotts fully mobile goals.